I am extracurricular triathlon training, not really

June 1, 2008

Here is my current train of thought:

Six Flags equals amusement park

amusement parks equals arcades


It has been a long time since I played that sweet sweet dance simulator. The strong bass beat pounding in my head. Those beautifully high pitched Japanese singers singing “Captain Jack”. The multi-colored lights dancing around my feet as I step, step, step, to the beat of “Dam Dariam”.

Anyways, I played DDR today after not having played it in a long time. Stillll out of shape.


I am Day Two — Swimming with Alex

May 29, 2008

Day Two of my wonderful training consisted of swimming at the DAC with the wonderful Ms. Alex.

I know that right now swimming is my weakest thing. Actually, anybody that knows me well enough knows that I don’t like water. At all. Maybe to drink. But being in water is completely different. There’s just waaay too much to think about. You have to move your arms, kick your legs, and then breath. Why do I have to think about breathing!? I’m sure it’ll become second nature though.

I also realized that everyone I know use to be a swimmer, being on the swim team and stuff. Where was I when everyone else was swimming?

And now, biking tomorrow.

I am Day One — Running with Jeff

May 28, 2008

Yeah, I’m eventually going to do this Triathlon. And yeah, I’m going to have to train a lot. A LOT A LOT.

So day one consisted of running with Jeffery. I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seating wondering, “I wonder how he did?!”, or maybe you’re just imagining me running and then collapsing on my face. That’s actually a close approximation of what really happened. It has definitely been a while since I’ve done any physical activity other than biking. I need to start running more.

Next on the agenda is swimming.