I never knew girls can play guitar!

September 27, 2008

And by guitar I mean Guitar Hero.

In the Video Gaming world, third party peripherals are  necessary evil.  There are the freakin’ sweet ones that definitely the whole gaming experience but then there are the really stupid ones that no one should have in their house for everyone to see.

Recently I came across the king of all ridiculous third party peripherals.  It was so cool and so well thought it, I think I might buy it.  Of course, I wouldn’t be using it though.  Oh no, this baby is to be used the lady of the house.  No longer does your female friend or Significant other have to feel left out while you rock out to Guitar Hero or Rock Band.  Now she can join you in your quest to be a virtual rock star.  And do it in style.

They almost look real.

[via Engadget]


I am the Chinese Armed Police

July 3, 2008
What do Segways and Asian men with guns have to do with keeping the Chinese Olympic games safe?

Clearly, everything.

I have to admit, as dorky as this looks, this is frickin’ awesome. Why don’t we have the Philadelphia Police Force out and about on these things? Better yet, Drexel campus security!

I especially like the guy in the back with the camouflaged rifle with a scope and knife bayonet. It must be from his personal collection.

[via Geekologie via BBC News]