I am Slowing Down.

August 21, 2008

I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about it on this blog but I’ve always enjoyed and promoted the idea of slowing down your life and taking it all in. I try to do this myself but it’s something hard to do especially with the way American culture is.

This video is a talk by journalist Carl Honore who believes that the speed that we crave in our culture is shortening our lives. Eating slower would be healthier, working slower would produce better work, having sex slower would provide a better orgasm. This talk is definitely something worth watching.

[via ted.com]


I am Uncomfortable

May 22, 2008

Everyone likes to be comfortable. Change is a scary thing so people usually just revert back to their old ways even if they try to change. After reading this article though, I thought about it.

If you’re comfortable all your life, you really aren’t doing anything with your life.

An excerpt from that article:

Yep, being addicted to comfort can be somewhat problematic, if not catastrophic, for the wanna-be, modern-day success story. The truth is, if you’re not experiencing and dealing with pain, discomfort and fear on at least a semi-regular basis, you’re probably not learning, growing, changing, adapting and exploring your potential as you should be. If you’re all about personal growth, maximising your ability and positive change, then avoid the tough (uncomfortable, inconvenient, painful) stuff at your peril.

[via lifehack.org]