Friday Link Fest!

Since I rarely update, I decided I need something consistent to keep me on schedule.  I’m usually procrastinating at work by reading all the various blogs that I read so why not put them in one spot.

Taken from a TV documentary, scientist excavate an ant colony.

I’m a pretty heavy user of Twitter and I this is probably the youngest twitter-er ever.

I also love “casual gaming” which could easily be done at work through little flash games such as Auditorium.

Sony recently release their version of the Xbox 360’s avatars and the Wii’s miis.  Now it’s a contest to see which console has the best ability to imitate celebrities!  Avatar vs Mii vs Home people Fight.

The last link is a gallery of awesome photos.  You’ve seen all the photos where people leave a super long shutter time and use flashlights and sparklers to make photos.  This guy does the same thing but in a unique way.  Check it out.

Look forward to these types of post at least every Friday.


One Response to Friday Link Fest!

  1. Liz says:

    twitter is so addicting

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