Nostalgia is so difficult

Last night, my roommate brought back something infinitely more awesome than the event that was currently going on at the time (Phillies winning their 4th game).  He brought back a little bit of 1995 for me.  A little black box that most of us remember by the opening chime “Sega!”

But this post isn’t about the awesomeness of nostalgia.  It’s about the immense difficulty of that cursed nostalgia.  I feel like the games of this age are a little too difficult.  Kids grow up playing pussy games like Banjo Kazooie.  We take for granted various things like selectable difficulty, save games, and continues.  I remember the days where I had to leave the console on just to save my game.

One thing I do appreciate is the advancement in the graphic quality.  I went from playing the ever so classic Altered Beast to a crappy flash game on the internet and it still looked better.

On another note, enjoy Robocop on a Unicorn.

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  1. turbulenceandorder says:

    boiiii. i have a blog too!

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