I am another drunken post.

It’s been a long time since I last posted anything that is worth while. I played with the idea of a “Links of the week” post every week because I’m so lazy and I think I might do that. I’ve been too busy to consider anything though.

So tonight, in my drunken stupor, I’ve decided to define Life. At least what I consider life. I considered certain aspects of life but maybe that’s not right. Maybe it should be categorized as stages.

The young stage. The fucking rebel stage. The “I think I found what I really am” in high school stage. The “Oh shit, this is what I really am” in college stage. The “Lets party all the time cause It’s fucking cool” stage. Then maybe the stage where everyone else parties while you sit back and be anti social stage.

I think I’m at that last stage.

But from that last stage comes random blog post and random stuff at a totally random time.

And from that comes the realization that everyone is one way or another put into a cookie cutter sheet and comes out the exact same way.

People try so hard to distinguish themselves from other people but in reality EVERYONE IS EXACTLY THE SAME.

Maybe I’m just saying that cause I’m in the bitter anti social stage. Then again I’m only in this bitter anti social stage because I’m jealous of everyone else and how I’m not getting anywhere.

Oh wait. That’s depression.

Of course with my super POSI attitude that I apparently have allll the time, this doesn’t affect me. I have no depression because that’s the way life is. This happen for a reason and this is why it’s happening to me. Any attempts that happen end in failure but those failures mean nothing. Because that’s the way things are supposed to happen.

Things will fall into place for me and I won’t have to worry about anything. Although this may seem like a large amount of sarcasm, this is actually what I believe in. Surprisingly I could be pushed around by people and stepped all over but I think that things will right themselves and I’ll be just fine.

Life isn’t worth anything without emotional and physcial struggle.

And now my rant comes to an end. I realized what I have just done, which involved writing about ridiculous things that doesn’t matter to anyone else except me. I’ll read back on this and think that I shouldn’t have written this but I’ll keep it because it’s part of my life. This snapshot of my life will be open for anyone on the massive amounts of tubes called the internet can see instead of my little black notebook that no one has seen.


One Response to I am another drunken post.

  1. John says:

    Sounds like you really should’ve taken the circus tickets yesterday

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