I am the Chinese Armed Police

What do Segways and Asian men with guns have to do with keeping the Chinese Olympic games safe?

Clearly, everything.

I have to admit, as dorky as this looks, this is frickin’ awesome. Why don’t we have the Philadelphia Police Force out and about on these things? Better yet, Drexel campus security!

I especially like the guy in the back with the camouflaged rifle with a scope and knife bayonet. It must be from his personal collection.

[via Geekologie via BBC News]


5 Responses to I am the Chinese Armed Police

  1. coffee__girl says:

    this made me laugh

  2. EmEm says:

    Some guy came to my job last night on one of those Segways… and let me RIDE IT!!!!

    Most fun ever.

  3. Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced says:

    it would be better if they had some bad ass off road tires for those things

  4. Angela says:

    Because running to an Olympic crime scene isn’t efficient enough…. Sheesh.

  5. John says:

    How effective are those, really? I mean, if they had those chariots that Drexel Public Safety owns, then maybe…

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