I am a little taste.

You took a little sip didn’t you?  You popped and now you can’t stop.  Greed, Lust, Gluttony.  You dipped your finger into the peanut butter jar, spread it over the celery, and fucking chomped on it.  Satisfying?  Of course.  But who knows where that finger’s been.  In fact, who knows where that celery has been.

It feels familiar doesn’t it?  Rain that is.  That smell is is usually distinctive but it never is for me.  It reminds me of fish.  Or the times when I was little and I didn’t care about getting wet.  I’d still stay outside until it started to lighting.  Puddles weren’t a nusiance but an awesome source of entertainment.

Fun.  What happened to it?  It use to walk up to me and we use to spend hours just exploring and satisfying our curiousities.  Now?  I have to find it cause it’s usually hiding.  Then it’s a short time and I’m already missing it.


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