I am a moment of calm.

This was posted in another blog as well!

The morning commute is, for many people, sometimes worse than actual work itself. You got slow moving traffic, fast moving traffic, people that drive like crazy, big ass trucks, and overall SUCK. Commuting by car is probably one the of things I hate the most in life. It’s rarely enjoyable.

Today was an exception. Traffic was generally not crowded and it all went by quickly (which could be a good or a bad thing depending on your outlook on life). I even experienced a moment that I decided to call “Traffic Zen”.

It was that one moment of peace that you find in a chaotic event. The “Eye of the storm” if you will. All the cars were moving at a comfortable speed, evenly spaced out, and the sun was rising. For me, it was just a moment of clarity in such a monotonous task. It made me smile a bit and then I wanted to write about it.

When was the last time you had a moment of “Traffic Zen”?

Personal Life Update!!

Frustration is an emotion I feel almost everyday. It comes and goes but sometimes there are just somethings that just sit there and taunt you. For me, that very thing is the front wheel of my bike.

The front wheel of my bike was possibly the most beautiful feature of Prudence. I would sit there and look at my bike and think, “Damn! You look so damn good with those nice, long deep-V’s.” A sexy Mavic CXP 33 deep-V rim laced to shiny Suze hubs. I mean, Prudence’s front wheel is comparable to piercing green eyes of a beautiful woman, the nice fine curves of a beautiful woman, or just Scarlett Johansson, such a beautiful woman.

The frustration comes from the fact that this beautiful front wheel was destroyed in my recent run in (pun intended) with a car. Bent in half and unrepairable, I was left to weep as I cradled my bike in my arms. The frustration continued when I tried to slide the mangled front wheel out of the fork. I struggled slightly but decided to leave it for another day.

But last night, I had success! In an odd surge of energy last night around 11 pm, I decided that tonight was the night. I’m going to slide that rabbit out of its rabbit hole. I even brought the hammer out in preparation for some “tough love”. In the end, I didn’t need to use the hammer but just had to buckle down and spread the forks a little bit. I did end up with a nice little mark when the whole frame come up and smacked me in the shoulder. But alas! She was out and I went to bed with a victory under my belt.


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